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Red Roses | Send Red Roses | Meanings and History

Red RosesDuring February, people are not surprised to find every florist, online flower shop and restaurant decorated with red roses. The season of love has finally arrived, and although it happens every year, women are instantly touched upon receiving a rose bouquet or a single rose flower. Nature's phenomenal beauty has managed to spark relationships worldwide, speaking passion with its rich red color.

The color red has always symbolized profound emotion. Greece and Roman mythology relates red roses to their goddess of love. During festive banquets, the floors would be carpeted with flowers. Petals would float in their wine and beer as the flowers were believed to be aphrodisiacs. Romans used warm waters from underground canals to increase the life of their flowers.

Sending flowers began in the Middle Ages "a rose by any other name", when lovers gave them as tokens of affection. It was also in that same era that flowers on stage were believed to be bad luck, so they were only given to the leading lady to bring her good luck and for no bad luck to happen during the production. Flowers were used to send messages in the 1700s, with the practice popularized by a Swedish king. He got the idea from Persia, where flowers were used to send messages so that the enemy wouldn't suspect there was anything on them.

Roses also carried meanings related to social and economic status. In the Roman times, peasants had to give blossoms and rose water to emperors, forcing them to stop growing crops. Peasants used roses to pay debts to governing sovereigns and for market trade during the seventeenth century. It was only during the nineteenth century that red roses were a garden hobby for the rich, middle class, and the poor.

Today, red roses and other rose colors hold different meanings. On Valentines Day, red roses are the most 5 ft Red Rosespopular choice, suggesting romantic love. Purple roses are given by people who've fallen in love at first sight, while coral and orange signify desire. As for the lighter colors, yellow represents friendship and joy. Those who opt for pink roses delivery are sending messages of gratitude and appreciation. People who buy white roses feel a sense of reverence and humility for the person receiving them.

Whether red roses, lavender roses, or blue roses, flowers are a very special way to show someone how you feel. Flowers are even made more special when given outside valentines, so why not trying telling your loved one how wonderful they are today?

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