Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Flowers

It's officially the fall season and we have created some wonderful fall bouquets for you.Your current Order Flowers Delivery Fall specials include our Indian Summer Bouquet. This exciting autumn bouquet creates a fall atmosphere with spray roses, solidaster, matsumoto asters and waxflowers.    Your beautiful Fall Fields bouquet reflects the warm glow of autumn with

Fall Flowers

Monday, September 20, 2010

Philadelphia Florists | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Flower Shops

It's only appropriate that we deliver flowers in Philadelphia, PA, the City of Brotherly Love.Our local florist will send our award-winning flowers for brotherly love, or the romantic kind.We service of all Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding neighborhoods.  Rittenhouse Square,Fairmount, Spring, Garden, Logan Square, Washington Square West, Old City, Society Hill, Queen

Philadelphia Florist

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Purple Roses

 The rose is a flower that is almost universally enjoyed for its beauty and fragrance, it is among our favorite flowers. Many different types of flowers have history associated with them, but the history of the rose stands out from the rest with color and meaning. Red is often the rose that people think of first, but purple roses are also worth discovering if you don't already know about

Purple Roses

Friday, September 3, 2010

Orange Roses

Orange Roses

Though orange roses confer a wide variety of nuances in floral language as they are the literal patchwork of colors red and yellow, their meanings are primarily perceived as the emblems of enthusiasm, desire, and passion. Giving somebody a bouquet of these fiery roses is an indication of admiration and attraction. An orange rose bouquet could also be a symbol of emerging romantic emotions and the desire to move the relationship way beyond the level of just being friends. Roses of orange color are probably the perfect means to send the message of a blooming romance, which is why even within a short period of introduction in the floral scene they have acquired a wide following.

Orange roses are somewhat new to the Rosa genus. They are, in fact, the products of modern hybridization of yellow wild roses. The flaming hue of orange is representative of the warm glow of sunset as well as the sweet smell and pigment of citrus. Categorically, roses that are orange in color may come in differing shades including bright orange, peach, and soft coral.

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